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"My main focus throughout my works is nature, and while I tend to lean towards a coastal theme, I find the same sense of awe and humility when I paint any landscape. I love working with colors to create a vibrant and fresh, but still peaceful, impression for the viewer with these pieces." 

With a passion for nature and art ignited by her father, an avid artist in his own right, Kelsey studied the visual arts throughout her secondary years in school continuing into some time in university all while admiring the beauty of the Florida coastlines, the landscapes of the Southwest, and California. An emerging artist, residing in northeast Florida with her husband and two children, she works primarily in acrylics, playing with style, texture, and color. In more recent years, expanding, exploring, and expounding on the theme of seascapes has become a primary focus throughout Kelsey’s collections. Notions of tranquility and harmony with nature found with her time up and down the east coast of Florida are evident throughout her works. She has had the honor of being chosen as a finalist for Fusion Art’s 6th Annual Waterscapes Competition, which was featured on their website May 2021. 

Additionally, she participates in several local art events, including the long-running North Beaches Art Walk and Riverside Arts Market. Kelsey has a variety of subjects, styles, and mediums that she frequently works with. Recently, she has been focusing on vibrant beach paintings and resin crafting which encompasses beach inspired works, jewelry, bookmarks, and more. She uses a myriad of supplies in her resin works, including real sand and shells hand-picked from Florida's beaches. Kelsey’s passion to create continues to grow.

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